Review Article

COVID-19 Pandemics and Medical Education in Turkey


  • Burcu TOKUÇ
  • Gamze VAROL

Received Date: 29.07.2020 Accepted Date: 15.10.2020 Nam Kem Med J 2020;8(3):595-599

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) disease has been effecting worldwide with nearly 14 million infected people and more than half a million deaths in the past 8 months. COVID-19 pandemic affected the whole education process in general, and medical education in particular in Turkey as in all World and started the virtual education process. This extraordinary situation and its deep effects heve raised some questions about medical education. In the article, while trying to answer these questions, the virtual education process that started with the pandemic was evaluated.

Keywords: COVID-19, medical education, virtual education

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International Journal of Basic and Clinical Medicine