Research Article

Perioperative Considerations in Urgent Surgical Care and Operating Room Practice and Guidance During COVID-19 Pandemic; Our Experiences


  • Ayhan ŞAHİN
  • Ahmet GÜLTEKİN
  • Gülcan GÜCER ŞAHİN
  • İlker YILDIRIM
  • Cengiz MORDENİZ
  • M. Cavidan ARAR

Received Date: 16.08.2020 Accepted Date: 28.09.2020 Nam Kem Med J 2020;8(3):303-313


The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) can infect healthcare workers. We developed an institutional algorithm to protect operating room team members during the COVID-19 pandemic and rationally conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). We aimed to review the latest data on the COVID-19 pandemic and essential information for practice in emergency surgery and the operating room.

Materials and Methods:

An interventional platform (operating room, interventional suite, and endoscopy) with our committee formed with our doctors consisting of different branches, we developed our guidelines based on potential patterns of spread, risk of exposure, and conservation of PPE. We aimed to share our experiences with 128 patients who were taken into operation in a 2-month period. Anesthetic management and infection control guidelines for emergency procedures for patients with suspected 2019-nCoV were drafted and applied in Medical Faculty of Namık Kemal University.


A decision tree algorithm describing our institutional guidelines for precautions for operating room team members was created. This algorithm is based on the urgency of operation, anticipated viral burden at the surgical site, the opportunity for a procedure to aerosolize virus, and the likelihood a patient could be infected based on symptoms and testing.


Despite COVID-19 being a new threat, we have shown that by developing an easy-to-follow decision algorithm for the interventional platform teams, we can ensure optimal healthcare worker safety.

Keywords: COVID-19, Cross-infection, infection control, operating room, viral pneumonia