Case Report

Acute Facial Paralysis Due to EBV Infection


  • Hülya BAYKIZ
  • Nedim SAMANCI
  • Şule Güler KAÇMAZ

Received Date: 24.05.2019 Accepted Date: 10.02.2020 Namik Kemal Med J 2020;8(1):79-83

Ebstein Barr virus (EBV) is a member of Herpes-viridae. Altough elevations of liver enzymes and upper respiratory tract infection findings is commonly seen during the EBV infection, acute facial paralysis is rare complication. Here, we report acute facial paralysis associated with EBV infection in an eight years old girl. With symptomatic treatment, the patient recovered without cure with corticosteroids and antiviral therapy and no complications developed. Physicians should keep in mind that neurological complications, such as facial paralysis, other than upper respiratory tract infections, may develop during infectious mononucleosis due to EBV and that patients should be followed closely.

Keywords: Ebstein-barr virus, infectious mononucleosis, facial paralysis