Research Article

Comparison of V-Y Advancement Flap Technique with the Primary Repair Technique for Pilonidal Sinus Surgical Treatment; Our Five-Year Outcomes


  • Yasin DURAN
  • Kadir ÖZER
  • Fatin Rüştü POLAT
  • İbrahim YILMAZ
  • Birol TOPÇU

Received Date: 15.10.2019 Accepted Date: 19.02.2020 Namik Kemal Med J 2020;8(1):52-57


Pilonidal sinus disease is a problematic topic for surgery. Though different surgical treatment methods have been described, there is still no ideal method due to postoperative morbidity and low patient satisfaction. In our study, we compared the cases treated with V-Y flap method with primary repair method in surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus in terms of morbidity and recurrence. Currently, the most commonly used primary repair method for pilonidal sinus treatment has high postoperative morbidity and frequent recurrence, so we aimed to research whether the V-Y flap is an alternative treatment or not.

Materials and Methods:

A total of 250 patients operated for pilonidal sinus disease from 01 April 2014 to 31 April 2019 at Çorlu State Hospital and Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Faculty of Medicine were retrospectively investigated.


A total of 155 patients had primary repair (Group I), while 95 patients had V-Y advancement flap applied (Group II). The mean age in Group I was 26.083 years, while the mean age in Group II was 28.073 years. The mean follow-up duration was 32.242 months for V-Y advancement flap and 36.348 months for primary closure. In Group I, 13 patients (8.387%) had seroma, while in Group II 2 patients (2.105%) were observed to have seroma. Wound infection was observed in 15 patients in Group I (9.677%) and 2 patients in Group II (2.105%). In Group I, 9 patients (5.806%) were observed to have wound separation, while in Group II, 1 patient (1.052%) had wound separation observed. Recurrence was observed in 18 patients (11.612%) in Group I. In Group II, 4 patients (4.21%) were observed to have recurrence. The mean healing duration was identified as 16.04 days in Group I and 14.49 days in Group II.


The V-Y advancement flap technique causes fewer postoperative complications, less recurrence and is more easily performed compared to the primary repair technique, and may be an alternative operation method that can be chosen for pilonidal sinus treatment.

Keywords: Pilonidal sinus, primary repair, V-Y flap, wound