Research Article

Factors Effecting Morbidity And Mortality in Obstructing Colorectal Cancers

  • Seyfi Emir
  • Selim Sözen
  • Burhan Hakan Kanat
  • Zeynep Özkan
  • Fatih Mehmet Yazar
  • Burak Kavlakoğlu
  • Mehmet Buğra Bozan
  • Fatih Erol

Received Date: 28.01.2014 Accepted Date: 13.02.2014 Namik Kemal Med J 2014;2(1):18-23


The aim of this study is sharing the morbidity and mortality rates and risc factors efecting the morbidity and mortality rates of patients underwent emergency operation in our clinic.

Materials and Methods:

Between January 2008 - July 2012 eighteen patients, 10 men and 8 women, who operated because of obstructive colorectal cancer, were reviewed. Patients were examined fora ge, sex, complication, operation type, morbidity and mortality. The effects of age, sex and tumor location on morbidity and mortality were examined.


Mean age of patients was 66 ± 8,6. Ten patients were elder than 70 (% 56,6). Complet obstruction was seen in 16 patients (% 88,8). In one patient perforation was seen wtih obstrucion (% 5,6). Hartmann’s procedure was performed for 12 patients (% 66,7), loop colostomy was performed for two patients (% 11,2), right hemicolectomy was performed for two patients (% 11,2), total colectomy with ileorectal anastomosis was performed for 1 patient (% 5,6), right hemicolectomy with end ileostomy was performed for 1 patient (% 5,6). Morbidity was seen in 5 patients (% 27,8). Mortality was seen in two patients (% 11,2). Both patients with mortality were elder than 70 (p=0.21). There weren’t any significant difference for sex and tumor’s location.


Morbidity and mortality rates increases in patients whom underwent emergency surgery for obstructive colorectal cancer. Being elder patient is one of the reasons. And also accompanied complications like perforation searously increase mortality and morbidity.

Keywords: Colon cancer, obstruction, morbidity, mortality