Review Article

Management of Nephrology Clinics in COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Nergiz BAYRAKCI
  • Gülsüm ÖZKAN

Received Date: 20.07.2020 Accepted Date: 25.09.2020 Nam Kem Med J 2020;8(3):570-578

COVID-19, caused by SARS-COV2, has became a disease which is declared as a pandemic by World Health Organization in a short time. Although most symptomatic cases, result in minör symptoms; some patients were found to be at higher risk for mortality and morbidity. Patients with chronic cardiovascular morbidities, especially hypertension, and chronic renal morbidities including glomerulonephritis, renal transplantation and chronic kidney diseases due to other causes are included in the high-risk group. However, kidneys are among the most frequently and severely affected organs acutely in the course of the COVID-19. Preventive measures play a key role in COVID-19 pandemic management, as there is no definitive treatment for the disease and the long-term effects in involved organs are unknown. This has made it necessary to take special protective measures in nephrology clinics and to make short and longterm plans in treatment and follow-up. In this article, the arrangements to be made in nephrology clinics in COVID-19 pandemic and the follow-up of special patient groups will be summarized.

Keywords: COVID-19, hypertension, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney diseases, hemodialysis