Original Article

The Effects of Sodium Fluorescein Dyeing of Metastatic Brain Tumors on Surgical Outcomes under Microsurgical Operation
  • Tamer TUNÇKALE
  • Tezcan ÇALIŞKAN
Namik Kemal Med J 2021; 9: 190-194 DOI: 10.4274/nkmj.galenos.2021.98698
The Impacts of Intraoperative Ultrasonography Use on Resection Rate in Cases of Brain Tumor
  • Tezcan ÇALIŞKAN
  • Tamer TUNÇKALE
Namik Kemal Med J 2021; 9: 219-226 DOI: 10.4274/nkmj.galenos.2021.41636
Experiences of Nurses Working in the Neurosurgery Clinic on Communication Difficulties with Patients Having Brain Tumors: A Qualitative Study
  • Aysel ÖZSABAN
  • Hatice KAYA
  • Rengin ACAROĞLU
  • Keziban ŞİRİN
Namik Kemal Med J 2022; 10: 292-301 DOI: 10.4274/nkmj.galenos.2022.18480